The following courses are offered in the School of Administration and Business Studies

Diploma in Banking and Finance 4ConsultancyAccountancy
Diploma in Business Administration 4ConsultancyBusiness Administration
Diploma in Crime Management Prevention and Control 4ConsultancyBusiness Administration
Diploma in Local Government Administration and Fin… 4ConsultancyLocal Government Studies
Diploma in Marketing 4ConsultancyBusiness Administration
Diploma in Professional Accounts and Audit 4ConsultancyAccountancy
Diploma in Public Administration 4ConsultancyPublic Administration
Diploma in Social Development 4ConsultancyPublic Administration
PRE HND ACCOUNTANCY 2ConsultancyAccountancy
PRE HND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2ConsultancyBusiness Administration
PRE HND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 2ConsultancyPublic Administration
HND Accountancy 4Higher National Diploma (HND)Accountancy
HND Business Administration and Management 4Higher National Diploma (HND)Business Administration
HND Public Administration 4Higher National Diploma (HND)Public Administration
ND Accountancy 4National Diploma (ND)Accountancy
ND Business Administration 4National Diploma (ND)Business Administration
ND Local Government Studies 4National Diploma (ND)Local Government Studies
ND Public Administration 4National Diploma (ND)Public Administration
ND Social Development 4National Diploma (ND)Social Development
TAXATION 4National Diploma (ND)Taxation