The Administrative structure of the polytechnic is set out as contained in the management Guidelines of tertiary institutions and polytechnics, and in particular as contained in the law establishing the institution.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is the highest decision making body of the institution saddled with the responsibility of making policy decisions. The council has the power to do that, which in her opinion would facilitate the smooth running of the institution and conduct of the polytechnic. Also, the Council determines any appeal made to her within 21 days in writing by an aggrieved student who has been communicated with a decision by the Rector or any other person/body in the institution other than the Governing Council herself.

The council, headed by a chairman, is constituted of both laymen and professionals appointed by the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, drawn from spheres of life. The Rector as well as a representative of the Academic Board, are members, while the Registrar of the Polytechnics serves as the secretary.

Academic Board

The formulation and regulation of Academic policies including the organization and control of academic activities of the polytechnic. The academics Board consists of:

  • The Rector as the Chairman
  • Deputy Rector
  • All Academic Directors
  • All heads of academic Department
  • All chief Lecturer
  • The polytechnic Librarian
  • Directors (consultancy services, Academic Planning and students affairs)
  • The SIWES Coordinator
  • Two representatives of the Academic Staff
  • The Registrar is the Secretary of the Board.

Principal Officers

  1. The Rector is the Chief Executive and Academic Head of the polytechnic, He is vested with the general function of directing the activities of the polytechnic and ensuring discipline among students. For these purposes he is advised and assisted by the principal officers, the Academic Directors, Head of departments, Head of Units, and all other staff of the polytechnic. The Rector is also the chairman of both the Academic Board and the Management Advisory Committee
  2. The Deputy Rector assists the Rector and/or stands in for him in his absence.
  3. The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Polytechnic and is Responsible to the Rector for the day-today administrative of the Polytechnic. The registrar is both the secretary to the Management Advisory Committee.
  4. The Bursar is the Chief Finance Officer of the Polytechnic, and accounts to the Rector for all the Financial operation of the institution
  5. The Librarian is responsible for all issues in connection with the operation and maintenance of the polytechnic’s library.
  6. The Director of works is responsible for the general maintenance of all existing structures, furniture, roads, vehicles, and open spaces in the Polytechnic. The Director also advises the polytechnic on policy matters, which border on the economic and effective use of the institutions physical Resources.